Application Fee: $65

Thank you for applying with Global Realty Group, LLC for your housing needs. In order to better serve you, we feel it is imperative that you are made aware of and fully understand our application process and screening criteria.

Global Realty Group, LLC is committed to equal housing and we fully comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA). We do not discriminate against persons because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, or age. We also comply with all state and local fair housing laws. We offer application forms to everyone who requests one.

MUST READ!!! - Before going any further in applying for this home - there is a $65 application fee per adult to complete this application. Everyone that is going to occupy the property that is eighteen (18) years of age or older must fill out an application and submit a $65 non-refundable application fee.
(We do not accept co-signers)

We do not pre-screen applications.  Applicants are required to pre-screen themselves with the following criteria and will need to meet the requirements below. If you feel you meet these minimum requirements, you are encouraged to apply.


Mutiple applications may be taken for the same property, the most qualified applicant will be selected.

APPLICATION Process & Screening Criteria:
We require with your application, a copy of your government issued I.D., copy of your last 3 months pay stubs, and if applicable per property a picture of each pet that will be on the property. Please email the documentation to:

Identification - Each applicant is required to provide a copy of a legible Government issued photo I.D. card. If possible snap a photo of your ID with your smartphone and email it to

Income Verification - Income should be at least three (3) times the monthly rent and verifiable from an unbiased source:  employer through pay stubs, tax returns, and/or bank statements. Self-employed income may also be verified with a CPA-prepared financial statement or tax returns. Your employment history should reflect at least 6 months with your current employer.

Transfers or relocations must have correspondence showing an accepted job offer. Any verification fees required by the employer must be paid by applicant. Applicants who do not meet the above employment or income requirements must submit Savings Account statements showing a minimum average balance equal to 8 months of rental payments for the last 6 months.

Employment - We require verifiable employment history for at least the past three (3) years. You must be a permanent employee (not temporary or probationary). If you are self-employed, retired, or not employed, we can accept such documents as signed tax returns (2 years minimum), bank statements, etc., that provide proof of applicant’s ability to pay the rent. If military, we need a current copy of your LES. If you are active duty military, you must be on an assignment that, to the best of your knowledge, will allow you to complete an initial 12 month lease.

Residence History - We require verifiable residence history for at least three (3) years whether you currently own or rent. Applicants are responsible for providing information including the names, addresses and phone numbers, of Landlords with the dates of tenancy for the previous 3-5 years. Rental history must be verified from unbiased sources. (Cannot be from family or relatives) Home ownership will be verified from a current credit report.  We accept base housing as rental history. Evictions within the previous 5 years will be automatic grounds for denial. Broken leases will be considered on a case-by-case basis and an additional security deposit may be required.

Credit History - We will obtain a copy of your credit report from Transunion (HARD INQUIRY). You cannot provide this to us; we will obtain these ourselves. Credit history should show that the resident has paid bills on time and does not have a history of debt “write-offs” or accounts that have gone into collection. Money owed to a previous landlord or utility company is cause for denial. Residency may also be denied due to poor credit history.
**WE DO NOT ACCEPT CO-SIGNERS. (Financially Responsible Person Must Reside At Property)
**Applicants with a Credit Score below 550 will be denied

Criminal, Sex Offense, and Terrorist Database Check - We will check these databases for all occupants 18 years old and older. We do not rent to any person required to register as a sex offender. Criminal backgrounds involving violent crimes, prostitution, and domestic violence and/or involving the possession of weapons or illegal substances are all grounds for denial of an application.

**An exception may be made for type and or age of offense, please provide details to the Property Manager. 

Rental Criteria for Pets

**Pet Application: If you are approved and have pets, you will be required to complete pet registration at before your rental lease can be processed. All pets must be registered. First pet is $20 to register, additional pet $15 (service animals are free and must be registered as well). An associate from Global Realty Group LLC., will contact you (via email) with more details once your application is evaluated for approval.

(If Tenant and Pets are approved there is a $350-$400 (Non-Refundable) Pet Deposit per pet)

Owner Reserves the right to change Pet Restrictions and Pet Deposit's. Pet policies vary from one homeowner to another. Some owners do not permit pets, while others restrict type and/or size of pets. No more than two pets per household are permitted without specific owners’ approval. Property Insurance Companies do not allow certain particular Breeds, neither purebred nor mixed. Therefore, dogs fully or partially of the following breeds will be rejected: Akita, American Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Mastiff, Chow, Doberman, German shepherd, Husky, Presa Canario, Pit Bull, Siberian Husky, Staffordshire Terrier, "Wolf Dog", Bull Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Boxer breed and any combination of these.

Tenants will be evicted for misrepresenting any of the above type of dog, as well as for being in possession of any poisonous, dangerous, endangered species or otherwise illegal pet.

We require with your application, a picture of each pet that will be on the property. Please email the picture to

Additional Pet Restrictions -


*If misrepresentations are found after the lease agreement is signed, the lease agreement will be terminated.

MONTHLY TENANT ADMINISTRATION FEE: $8.00 Per Month. All tenants will incur a $8.00 per month Tenant Administration Fee. This monthly fee offsets the cost of ACH payments, On-Line Payments, In Person Payments, Tenant Portal Access, Electronic Statements, and 24 Hour Maintenance Hotline.

NOTICE TO ALL APPLICANTS: NO SMOKING is permitted inside the home or garage.

Disabled Accessibility: Any concerns should be submitted in writing to the property manager. We must obtain Owner approval to allow modification of the premises. All modifications are at the expense of the disabled person, and the disabled person must agree to restore the premises, at their own expense to the pre- modified condition (provided the modification would affect the use and enjoyment of the premises for future residents). We require written proposals detailing the extent of the work to be done, approval from the landlord before modifications are made, appropriate building permits with required licenses made available for the landlord's inspection, and a restoration deposit may be required per Fair Housing guidelines.

SCHOOL BOUNDARIES: School Enrollment concerns should be investigated prior to submitting your application. Applicants must verify their own school information with the school district. Because of the expansive growth in this region, school enrollments get capped and designation boundaries may change. We highly recommend you contact the local school district should any of the school boundaries be a concern for the home you would like to rent.


SEX OFFENDERS: Applicants should satisfy their concerns regarding crime statistics or the presence of any sex offenders in the area, before submitting an application. This information is available free of charge on the internet at the following sites:

Sex Offenders

San Antonio Crime Stats



Start of Lease:

Vacant Homes: Global Realty Group LLC., has a policy that all leases on vacant homes must begin within 14 days of application approval. We are unable to hold the home rent free without a lease agreement longer than that time.

Occupied Homes: Global Realty Group LLC., will typically advertise a first available date with all of the homes we manage. In some cases, those dates will need to change due to circumstances beyond our control. We ask the approved incoming tenant be flexible in some cases. We understand the burden this can create and strive to advertise a solid date so incoming tenants can plan accordingly.

Move-In Orientation with Property Reports On-Site: All new tenants at lease signing will pay a one-time Move-In Orientation Fee of $125.00. Within the first three (3) business days of the tenant move in, arrangements will be made for a walk through inspection and home orientation with Property Reports On-Site. The Move-In Orientation will be arranged and conducted with a Property Reports On-Site. A representative from Global Realty Group LLC., will not be present during the Move-In Orientation. Any requested work orders must be submitted separately through your Portal.

The inspector will provide the tenant with a brief orientation and instruct them on basic home maintenance, including changing air filters, unclogging a garbage disposal, water cut-offs, smoke alarms, fuse & breaker box locations, and GFCI resets. The written report will include interior and exterior photos. The exterior will be documented with photos of all four sides of the home, the roof, any exterior equipment, and yard. Interior photos will be of each room, included equipment, any damaged or defective conditions, and an overall view of most areas. A copy of this report will be sent to the tenant and Global Realty Group LLC., for record. This Move-In Orientation Inspection does not take the place of the required Inventory and Condition Form made available for the tenant to complete at Lease Signing.

What Our Tenants Want You to Know:

1) Global Realty Group LLC., conducts periodic walk-through’s of the home you will live in. We take pictures of the interior and exterior of the home during those walk-through’s. This information is kept on record and shared with the owner. If this standard walk through procedure is going to cause you a problem – we recommend you stop now and do not apply for one of our homes.

2) Non Disparagement / Representations - OWNER, TENANT and PROPERTY MANAGER mutually agree, that as additional consideration, specifically the mutuality of this clause, each is prohibited from making disparaging remarks/statements or publications regarding the other to any third party, internet, web-based, cloud based, or “review” type publication site, effective the date of this agreement. This provision relates to remarks/statements/publications/opinions/evaluations or any other thought process reduced to writing regarding: (1) this agreement; (2) any parties’ performance under this agreement; (3) the lease agreement to which this provision is an addendum to; (4) any duty or obligation or action of or by the property manager that relates to or touches upon the management of this property.

If any dispute arises regarding whether any remark, statement, or publication is disparaging, the parties agree that for purposes of this provision, expressly including the enforcement of this provision detailed below, that any remark, statement, or publication shall be irrefutably deemed disparaging if: (1) the other party requests, in writing, that the writing/publishing party remove the remark and/or publication; and (2) the remark and/or publication is not removed within 72 hours of said requests. OWNER, TENANT, and PROPERTY MANAGER mutually agree that damages for failure to comply with this provision shall be liquidated at three hundred dollars per day for each Remark/statement/representation that is disparaging or is not removed within 72 hours of request to remove said remark/statement/representation. OWNER, TENANT, and PROPERTY MANAGER further agree that enforcement of this provision is appropriate through a temporary restraining order and/or injunctions and permanent injunctions, notwithstanding any rights under the First Amendment to the United States and/or Texas Constitutions or other codified statute, regulation, or code and that any party who prevails on enforcement of this provision, whether for monetary damages or injunctive relief is entitled to recover attorney fees against the other.

The parties to this agreement agree that this provision shall survive the termination, expiration or cancellation of the lease and this agreement in enforceable at any time should any party publish a remark/statement/publication or other writing which is subject to this provision.

Venue - OWNER, TENANT, and PROPERTY MANAGER expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the State of Texas and agree that venue in any litigation touching or concerning this agreement shall be proper ONLY in Comal, Texas.

3) During the last 30 days of your lease agreement – a sign and lockbox may be placed on the home and you will be required to show the home to prospective new tenants. You may opt out of this arrangement, but it will cost an additional fee of one month’s rent to do so.

4) Global Realty Group LLC., is a ZERO TOLERANCE company in regards to rent collection. Rent is due the 1st of each month, late the 3rd of each month. Late fees begin midnight on the 3rd of the month and will continue to accrue until paid. If rent has not been paid by that point, late fees will be applied with no exceptions. We encourage all tenants to pay via our online system for the most secure and traceable method of payment.

5) Site Un-Seen Application and Approval. It is possible to apply for the home, be approved, and sign a lease agreement without ever seeing one of our homes in person. In such a scenario, we require an incoming approved tenant to sign a Site Un-Seen Addendum to the Lease Agreement. In that form, we ask you name a “Trusted Advisor” outside of Global Realty Group LLC., who has offered you their opinion of the condition of the home.

6) Lease Preparation Fee: $100 There is a lease preparation fee of $100 per lease agreement to prepare, forward, and offer the convenience of electronic signatures. In addition, any renewed leases by that tenant will also be charged a $100 lease preparation fee.

7) Monthly Tenant Administration Fee: $8.00 --- This monthly fee offsets the cost of ACH payments, On-Line Payments, In Person Payments, Tenant Portal Access, Electronic Statements, and 24 Hour Maintenance Hotline.

8) Move-In Orientation Fee: $125.00 --- This fee covers the Move In Orientation mentioned above.


1) The $65.00 application fee per adult is NON-REFUNDABLE.

2) Your application can be cancelled – WITHOUT REFUND – for failing to abide by the above guidelines and terms as stated above.

3) You may apply and rent this home Site Un-Seen with certain stipulations.

4) Once your application is approved, there is a $100.00 Lease Preparation Fee.

5) There is a $8.00 Monthly Tenant Administration Fee for all lease agreements.

6) There is a $125.00 One Time Move-In Orientation Fee.

7) All OCCUPANTS must be disclosed on the application.

8) School Enrollment concerns are the responsibility of the Applicant.

9) Home Owners Association concerns are the responsibility of the Applicant.

10) There is NO SMOKING inside any of the homes or garages.

Upon completion of your Application, you will be notified in writing of your Approval / Denial / or Offer of Other Terms within 2-3 Business Days.

Stop Sign

Do not submit application until you have emailed to the following documents to:

*Place property address in subject line

1.Copy of government issued I.D. (each applicant)

2. Last 3 months Pay Stubs or Bank Statements showing monthly earnings.

Acknowledgement and Representation 

1) Signing the rental application (electronically or otherwise) indicates that you have had the opportunity to review landlord’s tenant selection criteria, which is listed above and available upon request. The Tenant selection criteria may include factors such as criminal history, credit history, current income and rental history.

2) Applicant understands that providing inaccurate or incomplete information is grounds for rejection of his/her application and forfeiture of any application fee. It may also be grounds to declare the applicant in breach of the lease, after signing.

3) Applicant represents that the statements made in the application are true and complete.

APPLICATION FEE: Fee is captured and a remains pending for 2-5 business days or until your application is selected for processing. Once your application is processed the APPLICATION FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE

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