Why Choose Us?

We are local- We live and work in the NE sector of San Antonio.

Our vendors are local- This is especially important to timeliness of maintenance

We are fully online

Application to lease signing

Rent collection & owner draw

Repair and Maintenance work orders

Veteran Owned & Operated- We understand and have first-hand experience of the Military lifestyle.

When you call, WE ANSWER!!!

Refer A Client

Property Management

Agent Referral Program

Welcome to Global Realty Group’s Property Management Agent Referral Program! 

We are excited that you have chosen to partner with us as your residential property management referral company. We understand that there are times when your clients are either on the fence about selling, not sure if they can qualify without selling, or maybe just decide not to sell. 

No Problem! We have the program you are looking for!

Our goal is to manage your client’s property so that it can achieve the highest return while you both work towards getting that next property! We specialize in full service property management services to fit your client’s needs as a home owner or investor and tailor our solutions to ensure that they have the highest level of service for your home.

We value your business and your client! In return for your Referral, we will pay you $599 for allowing us the opportunity to work with them. ***Payout occurs after we receive the first month’s rent from the new resident.

We will refer your client back to you after our property management services are no long needed so that you may help them to sell/purchase again. For your peace of mind, this will involve a written agreement.  Additionally, we will use our dedicated property management software to keep your name attached to the client’s as the referral source.

In order to get started we will need: