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Welcome to Global Realty Group, LLC

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We specialize in full service property management and real estate services to fit your needs as a home owner or investor and tailor our solutions to ensure that you have the highest level of service for your home. Focusing on developing long-term relationships is our way of doing business along with listening to our prospects and clients to assess their needs and desires before recommending solutions. We trust that this is the reason our clients continue to come back to us for their real estate needs and recommend others to our team.

Whether you are looking for a home or have a home to sell, fast dependable service is most important. Having a wide variety of homes to choose from, working with a company with experience that you trust, and realtors who listen to your needs, is the right combination to help you make the right choice.

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Consider the "Not So Perfect House"

Web Admin - Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When I was looking for our home, I had a vivid mental picture of what it would look like and it did not include shag carpet and an old kitchen.

House after house, I kept looking for my perfect dream home, despite the fact that I was on a very tight budget. The first day I saw our house, I walked out saying, "Nope!" The second time, my exclusive buyer’s agent pointed out all the positives-

  • brick construction
  • hardwood floors throughout
  • backyard backs to woods & looks like a private park
  • on a cul-de-sac in an established neighborhood with trees
  • fireplace
  • 3 full bathrooms

I walked out of my house again but this time, Marshall and I discussed the possibilities. We loved the brick construction, hardwood floors and beautiful backyard and neighborhood.

I couldn't see past the ugly chandeliers, shag carpet and dingy older windows. The house was stuck in the 70's with a real "Brady Bunch" vibe.

After lots of talking and lamenting about "the perfect house" we bought our home. We've lived here for 21 years-and absolutely love it! Why? Because our house has good bones. With new bigger windows, fresh paint, gleaming hardwood floors and a gorgeous yard-we are very happy.

How does my story relate to you, Home Buyer?

Consider the "not so perfect house" when you find a house that meets your criteria that cannot change. This would include things like;

  • Is it the right neighborhood?
  • Does the commute work for you and your family?
  • Is the home built well-with solid construction?

If a home needs paint and updated kitchen and bathrooms but is otherwise perfect-give it consideration. My personal home buying experience is no different from many home buyers today. We've all watched way too much HGTV and want, what we want, right now! But if a house has true potential, and needs mostly cosmetic updates, it could become your dream home.

A final word of caution-my grandfather used to say;

"You Can't Make a Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear"

By Victoria Henderson Marshall Henderson

Do You Need A Pre-Listing Appraisal?

Web Admin - Friday, April 15, 2016

You’re ready to sell your home. So shouldn’t you get an appraisal so you know the value of your house? That seems logical, but the answer might surprise you. Actually most homes do not need a pre-listing appraisal and in fact it could give you bad information which could cost you thousands of dollars.

Let’s talk first about an appraisal, how it’s done and what it means. An appraiser for an existing home looks at recent sales in your area and compares them to your home. They will add or subtract for different upgrades, locations, views, size and other factors and then arrive at a value. Because they can only take closed sales, depending on the time of year you get the appraisal, it might or might not help you price your home for sale.

For instance, historically home prices are lower during the late fall and holiday season. If you are hoping to take advantage of the renewed activity in January, an appraisal which only uses sales from December could be lower than current list prices. The reverse could be true if you are listing in the fall and the recent sales are still at summer prices.

When you contact a real estate agent about possibly selling your home, they will present you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). The CMA is used to help homeowners understand their real estate market. They compare not only the closed sales, but active listings and pending sales as well. Your agent has experience with your area and can talk with you about the direction of the market and how your property will fit into the mix.

So are you saying that an appraisal is always a bad idea?

Not at all. There are situations when an appraisal could be very useful. Custom homes and luxury homes where finding comparable properties can be difficult can benefit from an appraisal. If your home is unique in your community, then the appraisal can help you and your potential buyers see the enhanced value your property offers.

Another situation is when you are using an auction or bid process to sell your home. An auction/bid process is still relatively rare but it involves buyers writing offers with little to no contingencies. The home is available to see only one or two times and at that time an appraisal and home inspection are available for potential buyers to review. They then write offers without these contingencies.

An appraisal only looks backwards in time, you and your agent want to look forward. You need to choose a list price that fits the market as it appears today. Before you order an appraisal which might or might not be relevant, talk with your agent and get some initial information. Based on the CMA and conversation with your agent, you may find that it’s unnecessary to pay for that appraisal before you list your home.

How to Afford an Expensive Home Repair When Your Budget Is Small

Web Admin - Wednesday, April 13, 2016

By Ted Levin

Owning a home is a valuable asset, as it is a wise investment. Instead of “throwing away” money on rent, as the money you spend on rent you will never see again, purchasing a home, even with a mortgage, is a smarter financial decision.

However, when a significant repair arises in a place you are renting, your landlord takes care of the issue. Consequently, when owning a home, all of the maintenance and repairs rests solely on your shoulders and your bank account. Home repairs can be extremely expensive, depending upon the significance of the repair. For instance, purchasing a new oven is relatively inexpensive in comparison to having to fix a leaky roof—and the interior damage it created. For many, an expensive home repair is not in the budget. But, some repairs require immediate attention regardless of whether or not it is the budget, thus here are a few options to affording an expensive home repair on a tight budget:

Home Loan

If your home desperately needs a repair, consider looking into apply for home repair loans. While many think of loans only in terms of large numbers, such as a home mortgage loan or business loan, there are companies that are willing and able to offer home owners a loan for large, expensive repairs. While you might be able to afford a repair for a leaky faucet or cracked door, in the event your home is plagued with termites, or if the HVAC system dies, you may need to look into acquiring a loan to pay for the repairs.


If you have good credit, it can be a smart idea to fund your home repair through a credit card, as it gives you time to come up with the money. While many people do not relish the idea of being in debt, as credit cards do accrue heavy interest, for those with a steady job and paycheck, funding the repair with credit and paying it off is not a bad idea. Additionally, for those with large rewards credit cards, funding a large number with credit can lead to an abundance of travel points, hotel rewards, or cash back.


Depending upon your current mortgage, you may be eligible to refinance your home. If you can refinance, you may save enough money, or get enough cash back, that you can pay for the repair. This can be a smart tool to helping you have a more stable financial foundation, as refinancing often reduces the interest on your mortgage, or your mortgage payments themselves.

Do the Repairs Yourself

While this is not an ideal solution for those who are unfamiliar with certain home repairs, especially for home repairs that, for safety purposes, require a licensed contractor to do the work, if the home repair is something you are safely able to complete, instead of hiring someone for the job, do it yourself. However, this solution should only be used if you are confident that you can do the repair safely.


Grants for home repairs are few and far between, but if you are able to find one and are eligible for it, a grant offers you free money to take care of the repair. Depending upon where you live, the nature of the repair, and other factors, you might find you are eligible for a grant.

Friends and Family

While asking for money from friends and family can get dicey, as money can create relationship problems, asking friends and family to help you fund your home repair can help you complete the repair as soon as possible.

Generally, borrowing money from friends and family gets tricky when there is no contract or agreement made. Just as you would a bank loan, create a payment plan with whomever you borrow from, as it can help keep things from getting awkward. Moreover, it will help remind you that you need to pay them back, while they can rest assured that they will get their money back without having to ask you for it.

When it comes to home expenses, there are a myriad of ways you can find financial assistance to complete the repairs.

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